Which Trip is the best for my group?  If you want to paddle near alligators, then the mangrove tunnel kayak tour is where the gators are.  The mangrove tour is the best tour for an introduction to what people think of when they think of the Everglades Swamp.  Dolphins, loggerhead turtles, manatees,  isolated beaches,a maze of islands and more open kayaking is in the 10,000 Islands.  We have 3-hour tours for both the 10,000 Islands and mangrove tunnels, but the 10,000 Islands tour does not go out every day due to the tides and weather(please check our online calendar for availability).  The 3-hour mangrove tunnel tour goes out daily and is our most popular, with that said the 10,000 islands is just as special and a true gem.  We also offer full day mangrove tunnel tours and full day 10,000 Islands kayaking tours.  Our full day tours are great for people who are looking to spend 5 or 6 hours on a more moderate paddle out in the Everglades and the 10,000 island full day goes to a beach for lunch. Additionally, we offer a combo trip on certain days(please check online calendar) that offers both the 10,000 Island kayak tour (tides and weather dependent) and the mangrove tunnel tour with a break in the day for lunch and/or sightseeing.  If the tides aren't right for the 10,000 Island kayak tour or you want to only paddle for three hours and want to see both areas of the park  the Smallwoodstore Boat Tours in the 10,0000 islands  is a great alternative(http://www.smallwoodstoreboattour.com).  A lot of our guest paddle in the morning with us on the  full day or three hour mangrove tunnel tour and choose  afternoon or sunset 10,000 islands tour with the Smallwood Store Boat Tour.