Why our Kayaks are the Best? Over our thirteen years in business on these waterways we have discovered the best kayaks for each of our tours.  We don't just have one kayak fleet for all of our tours but two specialized fleets of kayaks, one for the mangrove tunnels and the other for the 10,000 islands.  We have choosen the top of the line brands to ensure our guest the best tour.  For our mangrove tunnel tours we have 2018 Brand NewNative Kayaks which are a hybrid of a canoe/kayak.  These kayaks have amazing seats and the stability is the best on the market.  These boats are made with the specific purpose of being able to stand up and fish in the them.  The seats are great for people with back issues or knee issues because of the ample room and adjustable high brace seat and foot pegs.  There is also plenty of room for extra gear, a taller person, and these Native Kayaks come in single and doubles.  For our 10,000 islands kayak tours we have 2017 Current Design Kayaks that we also use in Lake Yellowstone on our Yellowstone National Park Kayaking tours.  These single and tandem rudder kayaks are perfect for the 10,000 islands tours and handle the  winds, chop and cold water of Lake Yellowstone.  They are a transitional kayak so more stable and have more leg room than most sea kayaks.  These have adjustable seats and foot pegs as well. We look forward to paddling with you in these amazing boats and to show you this wonderful area.