In the summer months Shurr Adventures operates kayaking and hiking tours in Yellowstone National Park.  We want to make sure our possible guests get to go on a great Everglades adventure with a company that is very similar to ours during the summer while we are in Yellowstone.   We highly recommend  our great friend and local guide Jenny who is the owner of Eco Everglades.  They offer the same beautiful 3 hour mangrove tunnel ecotours on the same river with the same small groups and excellent guides.  Both  our company and Jenny's company go back and forth from the number 1# and #2  ranking on Trip Advisor as we truly care about your tour and your experience.  For your convenience,  you are able to book  on Jenny's booking calendar directly from our site.  If you contact Jenny  before booking online, please let her know we sent you her way.... you won't be disappointed.    Feel free to text or email any other questions that you might have for what to do in the Everglades.  Please think of us if you ever come out to Yellowstone National Park or come back to the Everglades in the winter months (Nov thru April). Have a great trip.  For Information about Everglades city hiking boardwalks, restaurants,and where to stay please click this link Where to stay/play/eat


Majestic Mangrove Kayak Eco Tour provided by Eco Everglades (number 1# on Trip Advisor)

Half Day Tour - 3 to 3.5 hours

Adults $109.00, Children ages 12-17 $99.00, Children 11 & Under $89.00

Paddling in the tunnels and across the ponds during the Everglades Kayak Eco tour is a mystical experience of a lifetime. The two best times of the day to experience wildlife are  the morning tour 7:45 and last light of the day;  Sunset starting at 4:30!  

During Summer Months: The Morning Kayak Eco Tour at 7:45 is the best time to experience the Everglades!

During the 7:45 morning tour we set out  immersing ourselves into the Mangrove Forest while the wildlife in the Glades is waking up. Watching birds fly out for the day and the gators making an appearance.  

 On our 3 hour sunset tour,  we travel thru the mangroves and keep a look out as the birds fly in to roost and the gators move about for the dusk activity, as we bask in the beauty of the gorgeous Everglades sunset! 
All you need to bring is you! I will have everything else we will need including: dry bags for your personal items, water, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray and ponchos. ** Closed toed shoes are best to wear. Sunglasses (polarized works best to see in the water), lip balm and a hat are also desired items as protection from the sun.