Did somebody say they are hungry? Well you have come to the right place. Everglades city offers some of the best seafood in the world, and by the way most is caught right here in our area.  From stone crabs, blue crabs, soft shell crabs, grouper, snapper, alligator (yes alligator), oysters, and many more seafood fare for your taste-buds.  Please remember all locations are within 5 minutes. 


Havana Cafe (great cuban coffee and breakfast food)

Everglades City Seafood (big breakfast burrito and great view)

Island Cafe (great greasy spoon breakfast)



Havana Cafe (Cuban Sandwich ,  coffee and seafood plates)

Island Cafe (Burgers, Pizza, and Seafood)

Everglades City Seafood (Lots of seafood wraps and baskets)

Triad Seafood (Baskets, sandwiches, AYCE stone crabs)

Camellias Street Grill ( Awesome Herb salads, and much more)



Havana Cafe  (fish plates, and meat plates)

Island Cafe (best pizza in town, mom and pops dinners)

Camellias Street Grill (great fish and meat plates, creative apps)