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Boat Assisted Kayak Tour (3 hours)

Join our great friends and another great company with excellent reviews located in Marco Island that we are teaming up with to help our guests have great summer options! Some people don't like the idea of paddling with alligators, and this is the perfect option for those people.  With the boat assist kayak tour you don't have to wait for the right tides to paddle the 10,000 islands.   This is the absolutely the best way to see the Marco and Goodland area by boat and kayak.  

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 The Ten Thousand Islands around the Marco Island and Goodland are are a labyrinth of creeks, mangroves, beaches, oysters reefs etc... A large portion of which is barely, if at all, accessible by boat. This is where kayaks come  in handy. Utilizing the large comfortable Carolina Skiff to bring the smaller, quiet paddle craft as close to these out of the way places as possible.

We have several tandem and single kayaks.  Once we reach our destination we will launch the smaller "boats" and descend into a realm rarely ever trampled by humans. Most of these off the beaten path areas are too far for the day paddler and too shallow or confined for conventional power boats. The result is a trip into undisturbed territory where the wildlife abounds. Scenery opens up before you, even when the mangroves block the sky. A careful eye will always find extraordinary beauty even when all seems quiet and void.

This is truly a place of mild marvels and sudden, dramatic displays of nature at its finest. Both of which can happen at any moment.

Depending on the day and how much actual paddling you and your crew wish to do, it is possible to traverse a mangrove tunnel system, cross shallow bays in search of wading birds, head out to a beach in search of shells, or just find yourself in a pristine ecosystem where the only sound you hear is your own paddle gently breaking the surface.

Possibilities are truly endless when you have a guide with the knowledge and experience to take you anywhere. Any other guide or "tour" service can promise you dolphins or manatee or whatever the norm is at the time but few can offer a truly unique experience into one of earths great treasures. I promise you that experience. I have to stress that this is not a set route or itinerary on any trip. We can customize your outing to suit any need or desire. If you want to spend the entire day paddling among the mangroves or just covering long expanses of water in search of aquatic creatures, we have you covered. If photographing birds, landscapes, or any wildlife is your thing, we are the crew for you. Beautiful sunset paddles are one of my personal favorites.

Trip Difficulty: moderate  

Trip Cost: $150 per person/$89 kids under 12

Trip Time: 7:30, 12, and 4 (sunset tour)

Minimum Age:  7 years 

What to Bring Click Here

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