Hiking, Boardwalks, and Biking

Here are a couple of fun spots to complete your tour after or before your trip.  There are a lot of ecosystem in this area and this is a great way to see them all.

Swamp Walks

Join Staff from the famous Clyde Butcher Gallery on a swamp hike.  Look for orchids, take great photos and learn about this amazing area. This trip combined with a Shurr Adventure Kayak trip is a great way to see a great variety in the Everglades. 


H.P. Williams Roadside Park

Just 7 miles east of Everglades City off US Highway 41 is smallpublic park with a boardwalk. This is a good place to view alligators, anhingas, herons, ibis, turtles, and fish amongst Cypress trees. If you are feeling adventurous and don't mind driving a bumpy gravel road make the U and go until you see wagon wheel road take a left and then you will be force to take a left until you go back to 41.  This is a great way to see big cypress and a prairie sunset.

Kirby Storter Boardwalk

This is a great way to see the Big Cypress Ecosystem and is about 15 miles east of 41 and 29. 


Turner River Road

If you continue down from H.P. Williams on the gravel road you will see bigger alligators sunning themselves on the banks, Great Blue Herons, egrets, and many more different types of birds. Sometimes the rare Purple Gallinule can be spotted. Much can be seen along the way in these tropical hammocks and sawgrass prairies. Drive down the road and turn left on Wagon Wheel road. This is a great place to stop the car and listen to the birds as the sun sets. We have spent many a sunset in this peaceful tranquil place. There are hardly any cars and thesounds of nature are amazing. After the sunset, keep driving straight and take the next left this will take you back to Highway 41. 

10,000 islands marsh trail

There is an observation tower, this is a great birding spot when the water is low and the fish get trapped.  If you go at sunrise or sunset you will not be disappointed. 

Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

Awesome place for hiking because of the unusual and rare plant and animal life found here. The largest stand of native royal palms and the biggest concentration and variety of orchids in North America are found here. Threatenedand endangered species such as the Florida panther, wood stork, Florida black bear, mangrove fox squirrel and the Everglades mink have all been documented within the preserve area. There are many hikes to choose from and the park employees can help you find the right one for you. 


Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk  

Within Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve is a 2,000 foot long boardwalk that meanders through one of the last old growth Cypress Tree swamps around. There is a bald eagle nest along the way that is visible with binoculars. The boardwalk ends at an alligator hole with birds and depending on the time of year baby gators can be seen. The photography in this area is excellent, make sure to bring a 

flash.  There are giant strangler figs, ferns, and many other different types of flora.

Shark Valley  

This is a 16 mile bike ride 30 minutes from everglades city