Island Camping

Everglades camping is one of the best and coolest lodging options with pickup in Marco Island available for couples, friends, and families alike. Our great friend/naturalist guide and Captain, Jason has a 27 foot skiff with a boat that holds 7 people including a guide, 6 kayaks, and lots of room for all the camping extras that won’t fit in a kayak. Having this skiff with the kayaks is easier on our guests in many ways. The tides and winds are not a problem with a boat, as you can simply move to another spot instead of paddling against the tides or winds all day to get to your beach location. The ability to travel via the 27ft skiff helps to cover more ground and search for more wildlife; such as dolphins, sea turtles, birds of prey, wading birds, amazing seashells (comparable to Sanibel), and manatees. Having a beach with none or few people on a beach is hard to come by in Florida making this one of the top three places from wintering paddling in the world. If you are looking for a great seasoned guide, Master Naturalist, walking encyclopedia of the islands, former marine and great cook who has been guiding for over 20 years in the 10,000 islands, then Jason is the guy to go with for you overnight expeditions. We have a variety overnight trips available and our group size is no more than 6 people or you can ask about our overnight private and specialized tours for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, family meet ups, romantic get aways and much more. All of these camping trips are customized our guests needs so online booking is not available. All of the gear and amazing food is included.
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Overnight Packages

3 day/2 night adventure

If you have the time two nights on the beach is the way to truly slow down and take a break from all the everyday stressors and fully recharge your batteries! All gear, amazing food, and your own secluded spot on a pristine beach included!

2 day/1 night adventure

If you don’t have time for a 3 day/2 night tour or just looking for some great kayaking with a boating and lodging for one night instead of paying to for a hotel on the beach at Marco Island, then this is a great tour and great experience. All gear, amazing food, and your own secluded spot on a pristine beach included!

Everglades in a Day

For our guests that want to see the freshwater, brackish water (mix of fresh and salt water), and the saltwater area of the 10,000’s, then this is the trip for you. We start our tour from our kayaks paddling in the fresh and brackish water (this is where the alligators are for viewing) and then Jason picks our guest and the kayaks up in the Motorboat. Once our guest meet Jason at the mouth of the river he will take you 6 miles via boat traveling to the outer beaches of the 10,000 island. This is where we see dolphins, bald eagles, sea turtles, and much more.

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