Why choose us?  We feel so blessed to have had this company for over 11 years and though we have grown to Yellowstone(in the summer), we are still a small family business that truly cares.  We don't do this for the money, we do it because we absolutely love our jobs and still can't believe we get to wear shorts and flip flops to work. We don't like to brag as we are all humble guides, but we want you to know why we would like you to come kayaking with us on our tours. We are all Florida Master Naturalist Guides, a certification we obtained through a course administered by the University of Florida. We are all seasoned guides with decades of guiding experience around the country and overseas.  Our company also has all of the available permits in the region, thus we are able to kayak in many different areas following the wildlife as it moves during different times of the year. We have been Top Ranked on Trip Advisor for over 6 years, and we offer the smallest personal group to guide ratio in permitted sections of the Everglades.  We were one of the first companies to start these kayak tours in the Everglades, and we come recommended by Outside Magazine under the category of things to do in the Everglades. Finally our single and double kayaks (Native and Current Design Kayaks) are high end and very comfortable for all ages.  We have stable sea kayaks with rudders for the 10,000 island tours and we use the shorter Native kayaks which are even more stable and easier to maneuver through the mangrove tunnels tours.  We look forward to helping you plan a trip of a lifetime.