Is it safe?  As one of the first kayak companies in the Everglades, along with our guiding experience in Yellowstone and Costa Rica; as well as raft guiding class V rivers (in Colorado, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Costa Rica), we think it is ignorant to say that paddling in the Everglades is 100% safe. With that said, we have brought all of our people back safely in our 10 years as a business with smiles and great photos. It is more dangerous driving to our location than it is kayaking with alligators. With our guides you are in great hands, and we will teach you everything you need to know to make this the safe trip of a lifetime.  Please make sure that everyone in your group knows that we have a good chance of seeing alligators, and as the river is only 5 feet wide in some places, we could see them close up (great for photo opportunities!)